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We're having a baby!

Pregnancy is a very exciting time in a women’s life. To have the experience of bringing new life into the world can be met with excitement and apprehension. A women’s body goes through many changes to allow for the growing baby and this can create some discomfort for the new mom. Homeopathic remedies can help to ease some of these symptoms with out the concerns of side effects or danger to the baby.

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle approach to health. It is a 200 year old medical science that uses natural substances such as minerals, plants and herbals to assist the body back into balance. The body has an innate healing ability - in other words, the body wants to be well. The body is always striving to maintain homeostasis, and to do this, everything must stay in balance. When things become out of balance, the body throws out a signal (or in more familiar terms), a symptom. It is through the symptoms that the body lets us know something is off. Homeopathy can be used for any situation that causes symptoms and it is safe enough to be used for the very young to the elderly.

The woes of morning sickness:

The early stages of pregnancy can be filled with a mixture of emotions as well as symptoms. As the new mom’s body makes room for the growing baby the hormones are also doing their part to maintain the pregnancy. Morning sickness is the number one complaint for the first trimester and for some it can be throughout pregnancy.

The change in a women’s hormone level can cause morning sickness to occur. About 70% of women develop morning sickness, usually in the first trimester however some can experience this throughout the whole pregnancy. Morning sickness is a misnomer as it not only occurs in the morning but can happen any time of day. There could be a number of reasons why you are experiencing this from a mineral deficiency, low blood sugar, to elevated hormones. There are a number of things you can do for this alternatively and a few homeopathic remedies that can also help you through this stage. Work with your midwife for some alternative suggestions on safe supplementations that you can also take.

The type of morning sickness that you experience can be anywhere from faintness to extreme nausea and vomiting. Homeopathy can help. Remember to pay attention to your symptoms and how you would describe them. Here are some homeopathic remedies that can be tried to help mitigate the discomfort. It should be noted that the mental state of the mother is taken into account when choosing the remedy. Below describes the remedy and the symptoms you may be experiencing. Match your symptoms to the remedy.


- Great remedy for nausea related to any kind of movement, even lifting your head off the pillow.

- Dizziness and exhaustion

- Dullness of the mind - Mentally exhausted

- Can’t think straight

- Also, nausea from the smell of food can occur

- Symptoms worsen from loss of sleep

Nux Vomica

- Nausea and vomiting every morning especially in bed on waking. Can also have complaints of constipation, hiccups and heavy feeling in the lower abdomen - Mentally feeling very irritable and restless and chilly.

- Desires to be alone.

- Intolerant to tobacco smoke

- Little appetite - Sleep can be restless after 3 am

-Also good to take for heart burn


- The smell of food makes one sick in the morning

- Feeling tired, dragged out, and irritable

- Feeling overburdened by the family

- Little enthusiasm for the pregnancy

- Mental dullness - Feels better with exercise


- Severe, constant nausea unrelieved by vomiting

- Sometimes vomiting can make the nausea worse

- A lot of salvation, may have to spit a lot - Can have a headache with this - Tongue is clean through all this, in other words, no coating on tongue

- Generally a physically warm person.


- Tremendous nausea - Feeling like you want to die from nausea

- Feeling nauseated all day without vomiting - Nausea is worse when moving - Better when outside in open air - Can have a headache with this - Face can be pale and drawn - Feels better with cool air and uncovering the abdomen

- Feels worse opening eyes - Can also be constipated and strains to have a stool

- Rectal spasms


- Nausea worse in a warm and stuffy room - Better in open air - Better walking slowly - Craves rich, sweet, fatty food yet this can make symptoms worse

- Not thirsty

- Emotional and cry easily

- Mood swings - Desires to be comforted and reassured

- Feels better with support

- Sweet disposition

With these remedies, the best potency to start with is a 30C in pellets. You can find some of these remedies in you local Whole foods or from a homeopathic pharmacy. If you are having problems getting them you can contact a homeopath for guidance.

Be sure to check back in to learn more about homeopathy and the remedies that can help through your pregnancy.

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