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Flu Flu, What do I do?

Flu season is always a concern and never fun to experience. The abrupt onset of fever, chills, non-productive cough, muscle pains, headache, nasal congestion, sore throat and fatigue can land us in bed before we know it. Influenza is a virus and it is usually diagnosed clinically. Not all people affected with the virus become symptomatic – the percentage of infections resulting in clinical illness can vary from 40 to 85 per cent, depending on age and pre-existing immunity to virus. Secondary Complications from the flu can occur and land people in the hospital especially vulnerable are the very young and elderly.

Homeopathy has a lot to offer to all for prevention as well as when ill.

At the start of flu symptoms , take a dose as soon as possible. Repeat two or three times at six hourly intervals.For a well established attack of flu, take one morning and evening for up to three days.

Gelsemium is a remedy you would consider if your symptoms come on slowly. You experience a sore throat and chills that run up and down the spine. Splitting headache that starts at the back of the head. You may have a general feeling of heaviness and fatigue. and your eyelids are droopy and your head feels heavy. Gelsemium is the remedy choice for you.

Baptisia may be the remedy if your fever is sudden and high and you feel bruised all over. You may have the feeling of your body being all over the bed. You may experience intense thirst along with sweating. You may feel dazed and dumbfounded and fall asleep easily. This is a good remedy for the gastric flu where there is much vomiting and diarrhea .

Bryonia is called the "grumpy bear" remedy. Aches all over and you don't want to move or your symptoms are worse. Frontal headache that hurts more with coughing or any kind of movement. Dry painful cough. Symptoms tend to be worse at 3pm and 9 pm. You may feel dehydrated and are very thirsty. Very Irritable!

This remedy is for the most terrible of flus! You may experience restlessness and the inability to sleep. You may feel so achy that your bones feel broken. Everything hurts! You may experience a bursting headache and sore eyes.You may have lots of sneezing, a runny nose, a sore chest and coughing makes the headache worse. You may desire ice cold water but when you take a drink it causes chills. Yuk!

Lastly, the best remedy for the gastric flu where there is vomiting and diarrhea . You feel worse around midnight and tend to have a fever followed by chills. The face maybe hot but the body is chilled. You may feel worse from eating and drinking yet you are thirsty for sips of cold water. You may have restlessness and exhaustion at the same time as well as anxious. You don't want to be alone but like company nearby.

Well, having the flu is no fun at all but at least there is an inexpensive way to assist your body back into health even if you are headed off to the doctor's office. There are more remedies to aid the body when it is down and out with the flu so if these are not helpful contacting a professional is always recommended.

Now to end the blog on a pleasant note, there is always a ray of sunshine that follows a bad storm. Keep your head up and just know that homeopathy can help you get through the worst of illnesses!

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