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The Joy of Motherhood

You did it! The nine months you spent preparing for your new addition has finally arrived! Now you can take your new bundle home with you and settle in. Everything will be different from here forward and establishing a routine with a new family member can be exciting and challenging. You will still need to take it easy in the beginning, making sure you get enough rest, stay hydrated and eat nutritious food. Help from a spouse or family member can provide you with the rest you need to recover from delivery, especially if it has been a difficult delivery or a c-section. Homeopathy can help with some of the discomforts you may be experiencing post pardum. Here is a suggested list of remedies you may want to consider having on hand.


-Used After delivery. Helps the uterus contract after delivery.

-Reduces pain and swelling, can help prevent infection.

-Helps improve muscle control.

-Arnica helps with any tearing that may happen during delivery.

- Arnica can help if mom has fainting from hemorrhage after delivery.

-Can help newborn bruising if forceps delivery.


-Great for Lacerations and tearing of the perineum .

-Hypericum can prevent infections and heals injury to the coccyx and lower spine.

-Hypericum is used if mom experiences a shooting type of pain.


-Calendula has antiseptic and healing properties.

-Calendula helps to sooth stinging pains after any kind of incision for mother or baby.

-Calendula is good to use after circumcision.

-Calendula helps to hasten healing and reduce pain on the surface from having a tear or laceration.

-Calendula can be added to bath water and for soaking.

_Calendula can be used around the umbilical cord to help with healing.

-Calendula is known to be more effective than hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

Bellis Perennis

-Follows well after Arnica

-Bruised feeling.

-Use 3 days after delivery and after the use of Arnica when the pelvis is still sore or abdominal tissue is

sore after birth or c-section.

Kali Phosphoricum

-Mental exhaustion after delivery.

-Tiredness but too excited to sleep especially after delivery.


-Post Pardum blues especially when milk comes in.

-Burst into tears at the slightest thing

-Feels better with comfort.


-Mom feels tired and dragged out.

- Irritability during pregnancy

- Feeling over burdened after delivery by the demands of her family.

-Little enthusiasm for the baby

-Mom feels burnt out.

-Mom can have poor circulation, nausea constipation, accidental urine loss.

-Mom may have the feeling of sagging or weakness in pelvic floor.

-Feels better with exercise.


-For hemorrhoids that develop after delivery.

-Soak in water and apply to perineum after delivery.

Breast is best for a newborn baby however breast feeding can be accompanied by some discomforts along the way.

One of the discomforts that can be mitigated with homeopathy are cracked nipples. Calendula ointment applied to the nipple can soothe and heal cracked nipples.

Mastitis is another common problem new nursing moms encounter. Mastitis can be very painful and uncomfortable to nurse your baby often times leading mom to her doctor for antibiotics to find relief.

Here are some homeopathic remedies to have on hand;

Belladonna is a very good remedy to try before you make your way to your OB. Belladonna is good if the breast is red, hot ,tender and swollen. Taking a dose frequently can sometimes prevent an impending infection from taking hold.

Phytolacca is another remedy to think of if the Belladonna does not work. At this point you will want to contact a homeopath for dosing and instruction. This is a good remedy to have in your home medicine cabinet for if it is needed as it would be the next go to remedy if the Belladonna is not effective.

Post Pardum blues is a real thing. It is very common to feel weepy several days after delivery. The body is adjusting to the shift in hormones and readjusting after baby is born. You may be feeling tearful and upset or anxious and irritable. Try a dose of Pulsatilla if you feel better with company around and you would rather not be alone.

On the other hand, if having company near by is not what you desire and you actually feel worse with people around Naturum Muriaticum can help you with this feeling.

All remedies can be purchased at a local vitamin or Whole food store in a 30C potency.

As with everything, common sense, proper rest, good nutrition and plenty of fluids will be of great help with all of any of these ailments.

If you are not having success with the remedies and need help in dosing contact a professional homeopath for further assistance.

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