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And then there were three!


The start of the birthing process can be filled with excitement and anxiety all at once. Here are a list of remedies that can help during this process and ease the transition. During labor use remedies in a 200c potency. Dissolve in water and give a teaspoon frequently, depending on symptoms.

The following remedies could be taken if you're experiencing the corresponding symptoms:


- Feeling nervous and having a lot of anxiety

- Early stages of labor when the water breaks

- Feeling excited and nervous going to the hospital or birthing center

- Overcome with fear

- Labor comes on suddenly

- Has great anxiety

- Expressed a fear of death

*Additionally, Aconite can be a good remedy to give to Dad if he is also experiencing fear and anxiety.


- When birth is overdue

- When baby is breeched

- Mood swings

- Cries easily

- Seeks consultation and reassurance

- Tends to be indecisive and looks for guidance and support from those around her

- Reluctant to go into labor unless the doctor or support team is there

- When the uterus is inactive

- When delivery is slow

- Labor pains can move from the sacrum to the stomach

- Restlessness

- Feels better with cool air and when moving about

- Can also be used when the baby’s head is at the opening of the pelvis and the contractions are insufficient

*The remedy can induce labor

*If this remedy does not work, go to next remedy, which is Caulophyllum


- Weak muscle tone in uterus

- Mom has a history of irregular periods

- Sedentary women with poor muscle tone

- Baby is over due

- When it seems appropriate to induce labor

- Labor is slow

- Contractions are weak, all over the place and mom is exhausted

- Labor is not progressing

- Thirsty and even feverish

- Hysteria during labor

- Mom is sensitive to cold

Kali Carbonicum

- Good for back labor

- Good for irregular contractions

- Posterior position of the baby

- Pains felt mainly in the back

- Pain is in the back and moves downward

- As the babies head moves through the birth canal the head presses on the sacral nerves causing severe back pain

- Mom feels relief when heavy pressure is applied to back

- The uterus is weak

- Can not tolerate drafts

- She will want windows closed

*This is a good remedy for prolonged labor


- Contractions are weak and then stop

- Contractions may start when women lies on her left side

-Labor pains intense but the labor will not progress.

- Restless , irritable , hysterical and crying

-Mom mayfeel she can not continue

-Labor pains will be all over the place, moving from side to side of the abdomen.

-Good for Retained placenta


-Labor progresses normally but as she progresses the cervix becomes rigid

-Pain is extreme and mom can not relax in between contractions

-Intolerable pains and mom becomes irritable and intolerant

-Mom can be rude, frantic , unable to relax, outbursts of extreme anger

-Feet and hands can be cold

- Contractions become unproductive

- Intolerant of being touched

- Not satisfied with anyones efforts


-Take when water breaks

-Helps relieve soreness from muscle strain

-Aides with soreness after labor

-Aides with hemorrhoids after labor

-Reduces bruising after delivery

-Helps to reduce swelling around the cervix

-Helps in the transition stage when mom needs all the strength she can

-Helps reduce pain and lessens the possibility of hemorrhage

-Good for shock.


Liquid form is best. Dissolve 200C in water and give teaspoon as needed.

For Baby

Good for baby if forced delivery is needed and there is bruising

Use 30c potency

Your baby is overdue!

What to do?

There are a couple of homeopathic remedies that can be tried to bring labor on.

Caulophylum 30 c

- Take 2 pellets three times a day for until labor has started.

If no luck, you can try alternating :

Caulophyllum 30C and Cimicifuga 30 C

Alternate these remedies, 2 pellets every 4 hours.

This should bring labor on in 24 hours.

If you don't have these remedies available, you can also use Pulsatilla.

Pulsatilla 30 C

Take 2 pellets every 4 hours

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